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Founder’s Notes 


Thank you for visiting my site. The fact that you are reading this, means you have chosen to add music to your child's life. It will be the best decision that you will ever make. Whether you choose my music school or any other school, please continue to make music  a part of your family's life. It will benefit your child in so many ways!  Music is a universal language, and just like learning a new language, your child will develop skills in other areas as well. It will give them an avenue to release stress and also to develop their creative artistic side. The benefits are endless!


I know how difficult it is to find a really good instructor for your child. Getting a good  instructor to “click” with your child is crucial for continuation of the lessons. I take this very seriously and I do not allow just any instructor  to teach here. Let’s just say I did all your dirty work for you. Your child’s personality and the teacher’s personality must match. The right instructor must bring out the talent in your child. This is crucial to develop him/her into the next Mozart. Geniuses are created not born.   


Parents at our music school are extremely happy with the results of their children. Most of our students  are referred from word of mouth and we are growing everyday.  I am very proud of this fact. 


We even offer 15 minute lessons to accommodate super young students ..... and we find this 15 minute lesson very effective at this age level.   


With RCM exams, you can get 2 high school credits. Please ask for details.


Thank you for your interest in music .

I believe music is the language of the universe.





    RCM ARCT in Performance

    University of Toronto Piano Performance Major

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